Which Kentucky high school is the hottest in America?

It was a hot day in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, and everyone was wearing red.

The hot pink shirts were everywhere, but no one was wearing the red ones.

That was not just because there were no red shirts available.

There were no schools in Louisville that were wearing red shirts.

The red shirts that were available were a collection of high school juniors and seniors who were in town for a baseball tournament.

And what a collection they were.

A lot of high schools had their jerseys worn by the teams they were competing against.

It was not uncommon to see the same team wearing a red shirt, but there were many others who wore a different shirt.

Many high schools have an unofficial uniform that is used to track who is playing in the high school season.

Louisville’s school colors were called the “Pine Hill High School Red Bandits,” according to the Lexington Herald Leader.

The school also had a special “PINEHILL RED” jersey, which was worn by all high school teams.

Some high schools wore their jerseys in a variety of ways, but some also wore red as a color that was used as an identifier for a school’s mascot.

Some high schools did this with the use of a red hat or red tie.

Others chose to use red as an identifiable color for their mascot.

The “Pines” are a team from Tennessee.

The “Pins” are from Georgia.

The team in Louisville is known as the “Yellow Jackets.”

They were coached by Bobby Hurd, who is the coach at Tennessee’s school.

Hurd is known for his bold uniforms and red, orange and yellow colors.

He often wears a red jersey.

Kentucky high school football has been on the rise in recent years.

The Blue Devils had a record of winning 10 consecutive games from 2012 to 2016, the first time in school history that happened.

Kentuckians also voted to increase tuition by $1.5 million to $1,700 per semester.

Some schools even increased their attendance rates.

The high school students voted for that.

Kentucks school colors are the same as the ones worn by Louisville’s football team.

Kentville’s school of the year is the “Louisville Cardinals,” according the Lexington-Journal Leader.

Louisville has had its high school colors for about 50 years.

They are known for their bright red uniforms.