Why did my kid get shot?

Rockvale High School students are being told they may need to pack their bags, and students are facing new security fears as the school was locked down on Monday.

News Corp Australia has learned the lockdown was announced just before 8pm on Monday morning, and as the lockdown continued for the next three hours, parents and students were told to pack up and prepare for a long lockdown.

The lockdown was lifted around 10:30pm and the lockdown lifted for a brief period of time, but a small number of Rockvale staff were still locked down, including the principal, a principal assistant principal and a principal security guard.

“As soon as we get to Rockvale, we’ll be locked down again,” Rockvale principal Tony Geddes said.

“I don’t want to say that’s because of the shooting.

I want to emphasise that it’s because we’re going to have to lock it down again.”

Principal assistant principal Tony Dennison said it was a difficult time for students.

“It’s definitely a very tough time for them and their parents, and also for the staff,” he said.”[There’s] obviously no one that’s going to help them out.”

Principle security guard Matthew Lomax said students had been locked down and the principal had told him he could not talk to them.

“They’re having a tough time right now, but they’re also having to put the stress of their school on their shoulders,” he told news.com.au.

“This is just a bit of a tough day, and it’s all the more stressful because they’re on lockdown and they’re worried about their safety.”

Rockvale High principal Tony Lomackey says the lockdown is a bit more stressful than usual.

He said the school had been closed until 8pm, but there were still staff on lockdown.

“We had a school lockdown, but I think it’s been extended to 9:00pm so there’s still a little bit of time left,” he explained.

“All of us are here to support the kids and make sure they’re safe, and that they’re well taken care of.”

Principals assistant principal Matthew Lomek said it is a difficult day for Rockvale students.

He says the students are all busy learning at the school.

“Some of them are going through their second year in the classroom and they’ll be looking at the same things,” he added.

“So they’re going through the curriculum, they’re learning the same lessons, they’ve got the same classes, they don’t have the same teachers around, so they’re just really focused on their studies.”

Rockdale principal Tony Geyer says students have been locked out of Rockdale for several hours.

“Rockvale’s very, very busy, and so students are trying to get home at the right time and it has become very stressful,” he says.

“A lot of students have to go home at this time of year.”

Princips assistant principal Christopher Wooten said it’s a tough situation for students and staff.

“There’s obviously a lot of stress and anxiety, and this is really just a reminder of how stressful that day can be,” he noted.

“The teachers and staff are really going to do everything they can to support students in this difficult time.”

Rockville principal Tony Gladden says the school is working with the Australian Border Force to assist the school with the lockdown.

Mr Gladden said the lockdown will continue for several more hours.

Rockvale students are now being taught to use social media, but some students are still not being allowed to use the social media app.

Principal Lomeck says the Rockvale school is in lockdown, and staff is being advised to remain at home.

“Right now we’re just concentrating on the students,” he explains.

“Our main priority is the safety of the students and their families, but we also need to keep the staff safe and ensure that they are doing the right things.”

Principes assistant principal David Clements says Rockvale’s lockdown will be lifted at about 6:00am on Tuesday.

Principres assistant principal Dave Clements has been advising students to use Facebook.

Principle assistant principal Clements said the Rockdale lockdown is affecting the Rockland community.

“Students in Rockvale are very upset because they want to be able to see what’s happening in Rockland,” he stressed.

“If we could get the students home, we would.”

PrincIPres assistant vice-principal Dave Coles says Rockville’s lockdown is having an impact on the Rocklands community.

He tells News Corp Australia that it has caused a lot more disruption in Rocklands life.

“What Rockvale is trying to do is just to be an example of what happens when you have a lockdown, you have to be calm, and if you don’t, you’re going down in the same boat as everyone else,” he states.

Rockville is a suburb of Adelaide.