How to make sure you have an active campus for the Jewish festival of Passover

Israel’s parliament on Thursday voted to extend the Jewish holiday of Passovers by two days and the start of the Jewish holy month of Sukkot for a third time.

The bill, which passed by a narrow margin, will extend the holiday by a week to the end of July and the Jewish high school students will be able to go to school for two days.

The legislation also calls for the creation of a new national monument for the holiday, and the relocation of more than 1,000 settlers who live in the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim.

Israel’s government said it would make all of the changes in a statement released by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The move comes as Israel continues to face a wave of anti-Semitism and threats of violence against Jewish residents and others, with attacks on Israeli civilians, Jewish institutions and synagogues rising.

The Israeli government has been on high alert since November after a wave in which attacks on the country’s Jewish communities and institutions increased sharply, with a number of cases of stabbings, shootings and vandalism of synagogs, schools, businesses and other facilities.

Israelis have also been targeted for vandalizing Jewish cemeteries, vandalism of Israeli synagoges and vandalism at mosques and mosques that serve as places of worship.