The ‘lost’ school where students died in 2009

By Paul AdamsA young girl’s suicide is not unusual in Laguardias high school.

The school, located in Oakland, California, has been the site of several tragic events in recent years.

In November 2009, the 16-year-old student from Oakland, California’s Los Angeles suburb, died in the school’s gym.

Three days later, two students in the gym shot and killed another 16-month-old girl, then-14-year old Kayla Miller, in the same gym.

The other four victims, all of whom were students, were found hanging from the ceilings of the gym.

Students at the school have said they believed they were being bullied and were in danger.

Last year, students told police they heard gunfire and saw three masked men who they believed were armed.

But the LA County Sheriff’s Department said it was not at all clear who was behind the shootings, nor were there any credible leads at the time.

In October 2017, a 15-year, 12-year and two-year high school students, along with their classmates, were shot to death at their school in Lacey, California.

The two teenagers were on their way home from school, when they were gunned down by an unknown gunman.

The victims were a 14-year olds student and a 15 year old girl.

A search of the internet and Facebook uncovered videos of the murders and photos of the bodies.

There have been multiple investigations and investigations in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for the LA sheriff’s department said the school was closed to the public, but that it was still open to the media.

The LAUSD said it had no comment on the coroner’s findings.