Cascade High School is closing for good

The High School at Cascade is closing in 2018 after years of struggling to meet high school graduation expectations.

The High School has been in the news for many reasons over the last few years, including the closure of the former Chico Middle School and the closure in 2018 of the new high school in North Portland.

This week, the High School was placed on probation and ordered to make the necessary changes to ensure its future.

The school is also under investigation by the school board.

“I think the students have come to realize that it is time to move on,” said Chico Mayor Paul Steeg.

Cascade High School closed in 2016 due to a $1.7 million debt from a former student.

In 2017, the district and the City of Cascade sued the former student for the debt.

The former student was found guilty in a jury trial.

The city of Cascade paid the former students tuition, as well as attorney fees, as part of the settlement.

The student is expected to be sentenced in the fall.

In 2018, Cascade High was placed under an agreement with the former Student Loan Repayment Program, the government-run program that provides financial aid to students in need.

On Tuesday, the city and Cascade High Board of Education voted to end the agreement, with the exception of two financial aid options for students with outstanding student loans, and a student loan repayment plan for students who did not complete their financial aid agreements.

The student loan debt will be forgiven if the former high school graduates from college or if the school is certified by the Oregon Department of Education as a public institution for the purpose of providing an undergraduate education to all students in the future.