Georgia teacher fired over controversial Facebook posts, student says

A Georgia high school teacher who was fired over a Facebook post that called Black Lives Matter “the cancer of the white race” has been fired from the school.

The Hill reported Thursday that Savannah’s Monroe Elementary School District said the district has terminated teacher Elizabeth Brown’s contract.

The district said the teacher was not disciplined and that she has not violated any district rules.

In the post, Brown posted: “It’s not okay for the NAACP to have a seat at the table for white supremacy and white privilege, and to have our people be killed because of it.

It’s not OK for white people to be killing people of color.

It is not okay.”

She later wrote, “It is a tragedy that we live in a time where we have people who are so violent and so ignorant that they can’t see the white genocide happening on a national level.

We have a lot of work to do, but we can never lose sight of the fact that racism is a disease.”

In a statement, Monroe Superintendent David Waggoner said, “The Monroe school district takes this matter very seriously.

The Monroe District of Education is fully cooperating with the authorities regarding the allegations and takes the matter very, very seriously.”

The post prompted outrage on social media, with some calling it racist.

Several people, including a Black Lives Matters supporter, accused Brown of being a racist.

The teacher was placed on administrative leave on Friday.

In a Facebook video, Brown defended the post saying that she was simply expressing her opinion.

“This was my opinion, it was my statement, I’m not a racist,” she said.

“I’m a human being, and I’m an adult, and my opinion is my opinion.”

In her Facebook post, she also said she believed her views were shared by others in her community.

“People are afraid to be in their own communities and speak their mind.

People don’t want to be a victim,” she wrote.

She said she would be willing to meet with the school’s principal to discuss her post.

A Monroe police spokesman said officers were called to the school early Thursday after an anonymous complaint.

The school said in a statement that the incident is under investigation.

Brown was hired in April, but was fired the following month.

Her employer, Atlanta Public Schools, confirmed that she had been fired but declined to say why.

A spokesman for the district told The Hill that she could not comment on the specific allegations.

The Facebook post comes a day after the shooting death of Sylville Smith, a 19-year-old African-American man, in a Black neighborhood in Atlanta.

Smith’s death prompted a number of protests, including demonstrations in cities across the country.

The Georgia Department of Corrections has not responded to The Hill’s request for comment.

Brown’s post sparked outrage in several communities, including in Baltimore, Missouri, where two Black men were arrested in connection with the killing.

One was released without charges in February, while the other was charged with first-degree murder in July.

The NAACP is suing the city of Baltimore, which is in the midst of a murder trial for another Black man who was shot to death by police in July of 2016.

In that case, a Baltimore judge found that officers had acted illegally in shooting Gray, who died from injuries suffered while in police custody.