Why the Texas teacher who was suspended after saying ‘all blacks are rapists’ is the first teacher ever fired for racially insensitive remarks

A Texas teacher is facing criminal charges after she was suspended last week for saying “all blacks” are rapists.

Xavier High School principal Laura Hwang says the teacher’s comments, which were made at a school board meeting on June 18, are “reprehensible and offensive,” according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The teacher’s name has not been released.

Hwang told the newspaper the teacher was suspended for four days and was given written warnings by the district.

Hwang told The Associated Press the teacher has been “misled and misled” by district officials and is considering filing a civil rights complaint.

Hanging from the ceiling in her classroom, Hwang made the remarks in front of a group of black students.

The students yelled at her and yelled at Hwang, telling her to “shut up,” The AP reported.

The student in the back of the room later told Hwang that he was “embarrassed” for being there.

District officials said they found the teacher made a racially insensitive remark and that she was disciplined.

The school board later said it did not discipline the teacher.

Hang, who is white, was fired for not “showing the kind of maturity and sensitivity that students need to learn and expect from their educators,” the Austin Police Department said in a statement to The AP.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 5.

Hwan told the AP that she “was shocked” and “angry” when she heard about the incident and “totally disagreed” with the school board’s decision to fire her.