How to win at Colorado High School (part 2)

By the time the sun went down and the sun set on the summit of the Coachella Valley, a crowd of 10,000 people was standing in a crowded, empty field outside of the high school in Coronado, Calif.

The sun was high, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and blue.

It was a day for celebration, but it was also a day to remember.

This was the second year in a row that the Coronada High School students had participated in a special day of community service.

For a year in the spring, it was their chance to help a homeless person who was living in a nearby homeless shelter.

This year, they were going to help people in need.

It wasn’t a high school reunion or a charity event.

It’s a special moment for the students to celebrate their school.

This is how the Coroner of San Diego, Teresa Dominguez, described the event to me.

This was their day to celebrate.

They had been planning for this moment for months.

The day was held in honor of a special senior class, where the kids had to write a letter in order to get a place in the senior class.

They had a day of fun, of giving back, of just being out and doing what we’re passionate about, and that’s to be a better person.

The senior class was named for a special student that was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The class was created to help students like him get the most out of their lives.

They were made up of kids who wanted to get to know the students, help them with their academic pursuits, and help them develop their personal lives.

There was also an important role that the students were playing.

In the years prior to the event, students had been coming to the school to give back.

Some of the students in the class had taken up community service work.

They would help a local food pantry, help people with their medical needs, and volunteer to help their local area.

The school would donate some of their school supplies, and they would also donate their own clothes.

The senior class is making a difference, and their efforts have helped people like this student.

They weren’t able to do much in the past year.

The students were only able to give a few bucks to the homeless person that they knew, and now they were able to help him get some new clothes and some new shoes.

This time, they made a big impact.

I asked them what they thought they were doing.

They didn’t really have a choice.

They wanted to be there to do good for others.

When I got home, the Corona High School girls were excited about their day.

They loved the atmosphere.

The whole atmosphere was so welcoming and it was just so good.

I knew they were having a great day.

I was just in awe of the community and the kids and the support.

It just made me want to go back to Coronadocos high school and be like them.

They are so excited.

When the day ended, the girls went over to the person they had been working with.

They got to talk to him.

The person had told them he had just started his freshman year.

He was nervous and nervous, but he was so happy.

He said he had a great experience, and he was thankful to be in the community.

The Coronadas are very, very grateful for that.

He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and I know that the whole community will appreciate that.

He just has a way of taking things day by day.

He says he’s ready to get back to the dorms and get ready for his sophomore year.

We’ll just have to see how he does.

He’s really focused on doing well this year, and everything is going to be OK.

I think he’ll be a lot happier this year.