When will the chiles school in California be closed?

Posted by: Emily Lacey | April 17, 2018 08:11:21The Chiles High School at Valley High School in Chiles, California is closing this fall.

According to Chiles Superintendent Ron Loeffler, Chiles ISD is “taking a hard look at the closure of Chiles as a whole.”

The Chias district will continue to operate the school for the next year.

However, the school will close at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

LoeFFLER says, “The district is in discussions with the Chiles Unified School District and the local school board regarding the closure.”

The district will have to come up with a plan for the school.

According the district’s website, the Chias ISD, in partnership with the County, will “take a hard and thorough look at whether the Chisels community is ready for the closure, the future and the future of the district.

The district plans to meet with community stakeholders to work out a plan to save the district from this tragic situation.”

The closure comes less than a year after another Chiles high School, at the same location, closed.

The Chises school was opened in September of 2018, with the district saying it “has made significant progress” in reducing bullying and eliminating peer trauma.

The closure came less than three months after the Chios district, also located at Valley, shut down its schools.

The Chisias district has not provided a timeline for when the Chises schools will reopen.