What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak at Lancaster high school

LANCASTER — The coronaviral pandemic that started on March 2, 2015 has affected nearly 1.2 million people worldwide.

More than half the country has now been exposed to the virus.

But the outbreak is not just affecting the people of Lancaster and surrounding counties.

There are also thousands of people in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria who were infected during the outbreak, including more than 20 students at a local high school.

The news comes as the Queensland Government’s public health response has been under intense scrutiny after it was revealed the school was not getting the vaccinations they were due.

As the Queensland government prepares to reopen its public schools in the coming days, a national survey of schools across Queensland has been completed, revealing that just one in five Queensland public schools is getting all of their immunisation protocols fully up and running.

In the ACT, the vaccination program has been extended for a year.

The State Government is in the process of finalising the immunisation schedule for the Queensland population.

If you want to find out more about Queensland’s vaccination program, please contact the Queensland Health Department’s Vaccination and Immunisation Unit at 1800-872-8870 or go to the Queensland Vaccination Program website.

ABC Local Government reporter Andrew Linton is reporting on the coronas outbreak at LANCASTERS High School in Brisbane.