Liberty High School in Clarksburg, Tenn., gets new $10,000 football field

Clarksburg High School is in the midst of a $10 million renovation to its football field, with the addition of a new 4,000-yard artificial turf field.

The $10.8 million project will feature an additional 8,000 yards of artificial turf, a 1,000 feet of soft, and a new scoreboard and lighting system.

“This is the most significant change in our football program since the 1990s,” said principal, David Karr, in a press release.

“It’s a significant upgrade to the facility and the education it provides.”

A new field for Clarksburg football will feature a higher capacity, with a capacity of more than 8,500 for home games.

The new field will also include a 50-yard-long, artificial turf pitch and a retractable roof that will allow for improved viewing for spectators.

The school will also be adding a new locker room, a new video board, new locker rooms for players and administrators, and new lighting for the stadium.

The project was funded by the Clarksburg Sports Commission.

“We’re excited to get this finished and to give students and coaches the opportunity to play in an all-new facility, and it also creates jobs in the community,” Karr said.

“We’re very excited to see the field become the best in the region, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.”

The school plans to hold a ceremony in the coming weeks to officially open the new field, which is scheduled to open for the 2017 season.