When will the new high school wrestling team come online?

Posted June 30, 2018 06:13:37As of this writing, Eastside High School, the school that hosted the school wrestling championship at the 2018 NCAA Championship held in Dayton, Ohio, will be the first of the new, state-sponsored high school teams to debut.

The Eastside team will take to the court June 23 in a match against the Westside High team, the only two schools from the state of Ohio to have ever qualified for the event.

The Westside team, however, has not been invited to the event and will be competing in the tournament.

While the Westgate Collegiate Wrestling Association has yet to announce any roster changes, the Eastside coaches did say the team is in the final stages of preparing for the tournament in hopes of earning a spot in the NCAA Championships.

“We are very excited for this opportunity and it is a dream come true,” Eastside head coach Joe Lauer said.

“We will have some new faces on our team, a new coach, but we will be ready.”

Eastside is currently the only school in the state that will not be participating in the 2018 season, but the team’s success has given the team some hope.

The team’s victory at the 2017 NCAA Championships earned the team its first ever state-championship victory, and the team will hope to keep that momentum going this year.

The team will face a host of other local teams in the first three weeks of competition, including the Eastlake High School Volleyball team, East Shore High School Wrestling, and Eastside Middle School Wrestling.

The teams will meet again in May, and it’s unclear whether Eastside will have a bye-week before the tournament begins.

The Eastside and Westside schools will meet on the courts of the Ohio State University on June 23.