Arizona High School Wrestlers Will Be Forced To Wear T-Shirts During Games

The Arizona High school wrestling teams will be required to wear T-shirts in a tournament to help prevent any “inappropriate behavior” and avoid having to wear anything at all during the tournament, according to the Associated Press.

The teams are scheduled to compete in the High School Wrestling Championship Tournament at Phoenix High School on Wednesday.

The tournament, which is being held on the campus of the Arizona State University, was first organized by the Arizona Athletic Commission.

The AP has learned the tournament will have an official referee, who is responsible for the safety of all competitors.

The officials will also be required by law to wear a mask.

“T-shirts are going to be worn at this tournament, but it’s also going to include a referee and all the other safety measures that are going on,” ASU athletic director Steve Woosley told the AP.

“The goal is to have all the participants wear their uniforms.”

The AP reported that the tournament is being organized in part to provide an educational environment for wrestling students.

The high school teams compete against other schools and non-school teams in a series of games to determine who gets to compete at the high school wrestling championship tournament.

Officials at ASU’s high school were contacted by the AP to clarify the rules and the tournament would continue.