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FourFourtwo is a brand-new show that explores the intersection of fashion and fashion culture.

The show, set to air on Sunday at 7.30pm, is part of FourFour Two’s Fashion Week, which is a two-week event that celebrates the industry.

The series follows the lives of eight women from the world of fashion in a bid to reveal their inner selves.

The girls include:Kasey Wray, the mother of fashion designer Jana, who is on her first Fashion Week; Rachel McAdams, who has worked with designers such as Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger; Kasey’s friend and fashion adviser Lili Dries; and designer and former model Kate Nash.

The shows also looks at the lives and careers of women from across the fashion industry.

The show follows seven women who work in the fashion world, including models, stylists, stylist assistants, and fashion stylists.

Kaseyn Wray is the mother-of-fashion designer of the hit television show The Bachelor.

The mother- of-fashion is now a fashion designer at Bellaire High School.

Rachel McAdams has been modelling for a number of years and has worked in fashion for five years.

She is a stylist assistant at the fashion boutique, Avant Garde.

Kate Nash is the fashion designer who has appeared in many of the magazines and has recently become the first female model to wear the coveted number one spot at the Men’s Wearhouse runway show in New York.

Kathryn Lipsky, the model who went on to become the face of Lipsy’s on-air personality and a fashion photographer for Vogue.

She recently became the first model to have her own line of men’s clothing and is currently shooting a special series for Vans.

Lili Dresses is a model and photographer who has been shooting and shooting for Visions, an agency that represents a wide range of designers, including designer Mark Kurlantzick and model Lauren Bacall.

The other seven girls are:Kathryne Smith, a model who has modeled for the likes of Louis Vuitton and the brand Vetements.

She also has a fashion portfolio that includes a range of clothing and accessories for women’s and men’s events.

Lily Mott is a fashion stylist who has previously worked with fashion designer Marc Jacobs and stylist David Dior.

She has also worked with brands including Calvin Klein and Tommy Ford.

She was previously the editor in chief of Vogue magazine and currently serves as the editor of the Vans collection.

Lizzie Liddell, a fashion and makeup designer who also has her own fashion line.

She recently became a fashion editor at Calvin Klein, and currently oversees its makeup department.

Kate Mitchell is a photographer who is working with designers like Ralph Lauren, and has been a stylists assistant at Lili’s collection.

Kendall Lee is a designer and stylists associate at Vetements, and is working on a collection for Vetements which will be available exclusively to women.

She previously worked as a stylista assistant at Avantgarde and worked for the company for a time.

Tania LeGrand is a modelling and stylistics associate at Calvin, and works on the Vogue cover shoot for her upcoming collection.

Lauren Bacchuso is the editor at Vogue and currently holds the position of creative director.

Lori Dries is the model and stylistic assistant for Avant.

She has worked as an editor for Vetement for more than a decade.

She now works at Visions.