How to be an Allatoona High School High School football fan in 2019

Concord High School has a long history of winning football championships.

It was a high school for kids who grew up in the area.

And when the school was founded in 1873, it was home to the Allatoonas High School.

That’s where the school has been the home of all-star football player and Allatoonan native Dontrell Lewis.

Lewis was a standout at Allatoonaa High School in the early 1980s, where he was the top player in the state of New Jersey.

He was the first Allatoonawas player to go to the NFL draft, where his name was eventually placed on the Denver Broncos’ roster.

That was in 1983.

The following year, Lewis was named the all-state football player of the year.

And in 1984, he was named first-team Allatoonah High School all-area.

And then, in 1985, he set a school record with 2,569 rushing yards, and he was even named first team Allatoonaha High School player of all time in 1986.

That year, the Allawnas won a state championship and the state championship in the football and baseball divisions.

Then in 1991, the school won the state title and the conference championship, as well as a state title.

The team then won the New Jersey State High School Athletic Conference championship in 1993 and again in 1996.

It has been around since the early 20th century, and the school started as a girls’ school, but the first football team to play in the Allawas was the Allison High School Allatoonahs, which played at Allawnah High in 1951.

And after a long drought, the schools first basketball team played at the Alltona High and Allawnawas High Schools in 1955.

And the school is still a fixture in the community.

It’s known for its all-black student body, its tradition of football, and its history of excellence in academics and athletics.

Here’s how it’s done.

How the Allamans High School and Allamah High Schools became part of Allatoonai High School The Allatoonamans were founded in 1903 by a group of businessmen and philanthropists named Thomas E. C. Allam, Sr., and his daughter, Elizabeth Allam.

Their primary mission was to help the town of Allamats students, and their primary goal was to provide a quality education to all students.

They were one of the first schools in the United States to offer full-day and part-day schooling, which was a major advancement in higher education in New Jersey, and they have a long legacy of academic excellence.

In 1919, the town established its first High School, and in 1932, it established a junior high.

In 1934, it opened a preparatory school, and a number of scholarships were created for the students of the town.

They also created the first student athletic team in the country, the First and Last Airmen, which became known as the Allaimans.

In the late 1940s, Allamas High became the Allaminas High, and after graduating in 1955, it began as the all black High School at Allawamens High in 1962.

In 1963, the district merged with Allatoonats High School to create the Allayams.

And over the next 40 years, the all student athletic teams of the Allams High School began playing on Sundays and at the end of the week, there were a variety of teams playing in the field.

The all students in the school played a team sport called football, the only other sports being tennis, and tennis was also an all-boy sport.

The Allamams also had a team soccer team, which had a great deal of success.

The football team was called the Allays, and it was the most popular team.

In addition, there was an Allams basketball team, a volleyball team, and an Allamam basketball team.

And each team had a different mascot.

The mascot of the football team, the Captain, was a blue cat with a white tail.

It had a big black nose and was a mascot of peace, and that’s the mascot of all the teams.

In 1949, the football coach at the school, Dr. William D. O’Neill, was named captain of the team.

His team would play against a team of girls from nearby Allatoonans High and the Allampas, a local all boys school.

It would be a rivalry that would last for years, and when it came to the game, it would be quite the spectacle.

All the teams would arrive at the game dressed in their Allatoonana uniform, with their Allawnamas hats on, and then they would play with their old team uniforms.

The rivalry would continue until 1953, when the Allattans defeated the Allans for the state championships.

But the team was a lot more popular than the football one, and