How to get rid of the creepy clown in the backyard of Westwood High School

A creepy clown sighting in the Westwood Hills area has sparked fears for the safety of students and staff.

Key points:The town of Westfield has seen a string of recent scares in recent yearsThe town has a long history of terror and scaresThe Westfield High School has been closed after a similar scare last yearResidents in the town of Westminster have reported sightings of a mysterious clown on several occasions.

A man and a woman who live in the community have reported a sighting of a man wearing a black wig and blue clothes walking through the town’s woods.

The town is not the only town in the state to have a creepy clown phenomenon.

In December last year, Westfield residents said a clown wearing a white wig, clown mask and a clown mask appeared on their streets.

Police have since said there was no evidence to link the clown to any particular sighting.

Westfield is not alone in having a strange phenomenon that locals have been describing for years.

In February last year a group of people near the town in Victoria, Australia, reported seeing a clown with long hair.

The clown had an odd hairstyle, a long black head and blue eyes.

West Ham and the University of East Anglia have also been described as creepy clown sightings.ABC/wiresTopics:carnival,creatures,psychology,law-crime-and-justice,community-and/or-society,westfield-4558,royal-islander-2389,melbourne-3000,vicSource: ABC News