Schools will have a ‘one in, one out’ approach to sex in new guidelines

A new set of guidelines for high school students has been developed by NSW Government officials to help prevent sexual assault.

The guidelines were published in the latest edition of the NSW Sex Offenders Register, and are aimed at increasing awareness of what sex offenders are, and how to identify them.

They aim to reduce the likelihood of offending and help prevent further offending.

The State Government said it wanted to make it easier for young people to be sexually assaulted.

In a statement, it said it was working with a range of organisations to develop the new guidelines.

The government said the guidelines would give schools “one in and one out” approaches to sexual contact, which would make it “difficult to detect and prosecute”.

“The new guidelines will help schools to ensure students are safe, secure in their relationships, and to avoid the risks associated with sexual activity,” it said.

The Department of Education and Training said the new rules would be in place in the coming months.

“The NSW State Government recognises that sexual violence and sexual offending is a significant issue and has committed to working with partners to implement these new rules to reduce sexual violence in schools,” it added.

‘One in, none out’ The new guidelines came into effect from August this year, and will apply to all high schools across the state.

The new guidance outlines how schools will deal with sexual assault in the classroom.

It said that in order to avoid any incidents of sexual assault happening in a school environment, teachers should be aware of the following: how to detect sexual assault and how students are likely to be involved