What happens to students who are suspended at Woodlawn High School?

The Associated Press article WASHINGTON (AP) Some students who spent months at Woodland High School for disciplinary violations could be transferred to a different high school after a judge ruled Thursday they could be expelled.

The decision by a Washington state judge came after a state appeals court ordered the suspension of six students from Woodlavon High School in Tacoma, a district that also serves Woodland.

The district said the students’ expulsion would have to be put on hold pending a hearing by the Washington Attorney General’s Office.

The lawsuit was filed in May by three Woodland students and one student from Woodland’s second-grade school.

They are being represented by lawyers for their parents.

The three plaintiffs allege that the suspension was in retaliation for a dispute with a principal.

They say Woodland officials were concerned the students would not get along and took a hostile stance toward the students.

The parents of the students did not immediately respond to phone messages seeking comment.