Rogue High School Named the New Best School in Arizona

Rogue High school is named the New York Times Best High School in the state of Arizona.

The honor comes after Rogue High won a scholarship to attend the prestigious New York City public school for two years.

In September, the school also received a $50,000 scholarship to be used towards the purchase of a new basketball court and football stadium.

The school received a high grade from a state-appointed committee.

Rogue has the distinction of having one of the highest student-to-faculty ratios in the nation, with more than 100 percent of its students in full-time school.

The new school will feature a multi-tiered learning environment and offer more than 30 years of teaching experience to students.

The students will also be able to learn in the school’s new “Art and Technology Center” that will be a major draw in the city.

Rogue is located in the northern part of Phoenix, about 60 miles west of Phoenix.

Rogue is the sixth high school in the county to receive the award.

Last year, the Phoenix High School and the Mesa High School were named the state’s best high schools for a second straight year.

Last week, Arizona’s legislature approved a $1.9 billion package that will provide funds to the state for the construction of new schools, which includes a new high school. 

Rogue is located on the Arizona State University campus and is the only school in Arizona that is located within walking distance of the city of Phoenix and the University of Phoenix Medical Center.

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