How to make your high school graduation special

A new high school tradition is being embraced across the country.

Mercy High School in Philadelphia is offering a day of prayer, prayer beads and prayer beads for every student who is graduating.

The school has become the first school in the nation to offer the opportunity to be a part of a moment of prayer.

“It’s like you are going to the end of a journey and the prayer is for you to reach a goal,” said senior Katie D’Amico.

The high school will offer a time for students to come together to pray for a common goal.

“Our goal is to reach people with the same vision that we have,” said school principal, Angela Fink.

“That is to be part of something bigger, that is to make a difference in people’s lives.”

The school has a goal of graduating 100 students by the end on Saturday.

The goal has been met by over 1,000 students and families, with many having been praying for years.

“To see that, it’s so overwhelming, and it makes me feel like I have something in this world that is bigger than me,” said freshman Ashley Lassiter.

“I want to make something that is meaningful for others.”

Principal Angela Fiske said the school is using prayer beads as a tool to build community.

“The beads are a tool for community building.

It is a way to really make a connection between students, teachers and the community.

And it is a tool that we use as a part-time resource that we would have no idea how to use,” said Fiskes.

“But the beads do bring something to the classroom, to the students, and that is the most important part of our day.”