Former teacher charged with sexual abuse of students


— A former high school teacher was arrested Wednesday after he was arrested on allegations he sexually abused two students, including one of his own, police said.

The former Barnstable High School teacher, who worked as a substitute teacher, was taken into custody after being booked into the Jefferson County Jail in Shawnee, Kansas, according to a statement from the Shawnee Police Department.

He was not identified.

Police said in a news release the former teacher was a substitute at Barnstable from 2009 to 2015.

He had worked at the school since 2012, police added.

The allegations against the former Barnstaple teacher came to light last month when a second victim spoke out.

The second victim was in the fifth grade when the abuse happened, police told The Associated Press.

The former teacher, a former substitute teacher who worked for Barnstape from 2009 until 2015, is accused of abusing two students in the Barnstaples classroom from 2013 to 2016, police say.

Barnstable Superintendent Michael Condon told The AP that the school is in the process of determining whether to file criminal charges against the teacher.

The Barnstapes are the fourth high school district in the state to be rocked by a sexual assault scandal.

The state Board of Education has already called for an investigation.

Barnstaple, located in northeast Kansas, has had at least 15 high school sexual assault cases in the past year.

In June, the Kansas Board of Elementary and Secondary Education suspended the teacher pending an investigation into his past behavior.