How the city’s Northside High School is now a ‘ghost town’

Northside is one of India’s most deprived cities and the ghost town that has been in the news over the past year. 

The northside of the city, which is also home to the world-famous Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and the Taj Mahal, is the site of a massive protests against the proposed expansion of the Taj National Stadium to the city. 

In September, protests led to a violent clash with security forces. 

A year later, protests against another proposed expansion, the proposed Jammu and Kashmir National Highway, have continued. 

“I am not here to make money,” says N. Raju, a senior manager of a mobile phone company. 

But in Northside, he is a major figure in the local business community. 

He has been a regular visitor to the Northside Market, the district’s main tourist attraction. 

Many of his friends have left for the city and gone back to work, he says. 

It is this shift of livelihood that has brought the city into the national spotlight. 

Raju says he has been the victim of a “vigilante” operation by police to target business people. 

Northside’s business community, including the people who own businesses, have been harassed, and the authorities are working to “disrupt” them, says an opposition leader, Ashok Kumar. 

According to Kumar, police have raided shops and businesses owned by people in Northgate, a suburb of the capital, and used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse crowds. 

On August 18, the police raided a mobile telephone shop in the heart of the town and arrested the owner, Ashish Nand, a former school principal who runs a mobile service business. 

Nand was sentenced to three years in prison for his part in the protests. 

Later that month, Nand was charged with inciting a riot. 

Two weeks later, on August 21, the local police arrested an employee of the mobile phone service business who was on his way to work. 

 Rohit Kumar, who runs the Northgate branch of a small media company, says the mob has been using violence and intimidation to prevent the establishment of an internet service provider. 

Kumar has also said he has received death threats. 

Despite the protests and the police crackdown, the area remains peaceful. 

There are about 10 businesses, shops and restaurants that operate out of the mall that is currently being built on the site. 

This is where most of the businesses are located, but it is not the only place. 

One of the biggest problems is that there are not enough parking spaces, says Nand. 

I think it is a shame that this area is not a good location to have a mobile shop, he adds. 

People are used to a peaceful environment, says Kumar.

I don’t have any plans to move, he continues.

I will continue working in the area. 

Since the protests started, many people have moved to the area, and many businesses have closed. 

Another concern for people living in the NorthGate area is the rise of drug use and drug-related crime. 

During the protests, people used to buy drugs from the drug dealers who were selling drugs to the residents. 

However, the people are now getting scared and are afraid to move away from this area, Kumar says.