High school anime ‘The Nutcracker’ won’t be a part of next year’s ‘Macarthur High School Anime Festival’

The high school animation “The Nut Cracker” won’t return for next year after being forced to cancel the festival after it received a boycott by fans of the anime.

In a post on Facebook, Macarthur School for Arts and Letters announced the cancellation of the festival due to a lack of funds.

“The festival has received a number of requests from fans for us to move the event and will be temporarily held until we can secure funding,” the school posted.

“We would like to thank all of you for your continued support and look forward to our returning to Macarcher this year.”

“The NutCracker” was announced to be the winner of the Macarchery Award for Best Animated Short in 2017.

“Macarcher” director and co-creator Yuji Kajiura and the festival organizers are yet to reveal a date for the event.

It’s been almost two years since the Macaroons “Macarchers” were nominated for the award and in the meantime the series has become a household name.

In the past, Macaroon’s producers have been known to give out prizes for “best” anime or films they have produced, but this year was a different story.

The school has been struggling to raise funds, with students protesting against the festival in the days leading up to the cancellation.

The students’ demands were met and the school was forced to back down.

“We have decided to not participate in the Macaron’s 2019 Macarchers due to lack of funding and will instead hold our own Macarathon in March 2019,” the post continued.

Macarner High School is currently in the process of setting up a new program in the fall.