Douglas High School to name new football team

The Douglas High school football team will be renamed “Excel High School” and will be the first team in the Washington area to play in the FBS in decades.

The team’s new name comes from an upcoming video game called “Excalibur.”

The team will play at 7 p.m.

Wednesday at the home of the Douglas High football team.

The new team will also feature new faces.

In the past, the team has had an array of players from Washington, Oregon, Utah and Washington State.

The team’s first game will be in 2019 against Washington State University.

Douglas High, the school that hosted the 2018 Rose Bowl, has been named the host school for the new team.

The school has been a powerhouse on and off the field for more than a century.

The Douglas High High football and hockey teams were a favorite to win the national championship last season.

It was the only time in school history that two teams from the same school won the national title.

The high school’s most recent coach was John McDaniel, who coached the basketball team for five seasons and won the Division II state championship in the 1990s.

He was a graduate assistant coach at Washington State, where he coached from 1995-99.

McDaniel had been coaching football for five years when he decided to join Douglas High’s football team, according to a release from the school.

“I am so honored and excited to be part of the team and I hope to be a part of a winning football team for the rest of my life,” McDaniel said in a release.

“This will be a dream come true for me.

This is something I had in mind from the beginning.

This will be something special for me and the other players, coaches and staff.

The coaches will be thrilled to be able to bring this new experience to Douglas High.

This team will represent Douglas High very well.”

The football team is set to open its season against Washington in the first round of the NCAA Division II tournament in July 2019.

The Douglas Football Program announced the team’s name change Tuesday.

Dougles football team named in video gameExcaliburs, a first-person action video game released last year, was originally intended to be an educational tool for the Douglas school system, the university said in the release.

The video game’s release also included an introduction to the team.

Douglass High announced that Douglas High Football Club will now be known as the Douglas HS Football Club.

In 2018, the Douglas School Board approved a $500,000 donation to the Douglas Football Club and will now fund the program with that money.

The university said the name change comes after the Douglas high school football program faced the prospect of being eliminated from the FCS in the 2020-21 school year due to the closure of the High School Athletic Association.

The football program was the last remaining high school team in Douglas.