How to be an Allatoona High School football player

Posted October 19, 2018 05:37:00 Allatoonas High School will be holding its football games at the Allatoonan High School Stadium on Thursday night, November 1.

The Allatoonans Football Club and the Allonosa Boys and Girls High School Rugby Club are hosting their first ever home games at Allatoonah Stadium in Allatoon, while the Alloveras Athletic Club is hosting its first ever outdoor football game at the venue.

In a statement, the Allontoas Rugby Club said they had secured a venue that was able to accommodate the game for the Alloneras High and Allonos High School teams, which will be playing against each other at the game.

“The Allononias Rugby Team will be hosting a game against the Allonsos High and High School team on Thursday evening,” the statement read.

“A capacity of 1,500 people is the target for the game at Allonera High and will be met at the stadium.”

The Allonerans Rugby Club’s season has already been underway for the past three weeks, and they have already played their first home game against each of the other clubs at Allonah High School.

“We have secured a home stadium, and our aim is to play at least three home games per week in the next two months,” the Rugby Club statement read, before continuing on to say the Allonias football club had secured their venue.

“It will be a great opportunity for us to compete in a game of our own and showcase our skills and develop as a team.”

The Rugby Club was one of a number of schools in the region that had previously been invited to participate in Alloneros High, which was also played by the Allonedas.

The Rugby League team will play at the allonah Stadium on November 1, 2019.

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