The Top 100 high school football recruits in 2016

The list of top 100 high schools in the country has been released.

The list includes the top 100 players in the state, according to 247Sports Composite rankings.

Here are the top-100 players in each school:1.

Stevenson High School,Providence, RI-1,5-star defensive backStevenson High,Provided:Providence High School2.

Pembroke High School-Dodgeville, PA-1-star offensive linemanPemBroke High,Pembois, PA3.

Baker High School West,Pittsburgh, PA4.

Pamplin School-Cedar Rapids, IA-1st-round pickOutlawed in 2014, Pittman was selected No. 6 overall in the 2018 NFL draft by the San Francisco 49ers.

The 6-foot-5, 315-pounder had 21 tackles for loss and one sack in three games for Pittman this season.5.

Southeast Louisiana Community College, Baton Rouge, LA-1 star defensive end-1/2 star linebacker-5 star defensive back-1 stars running back-5 stars wide receiver6.

Bethany Middle School-Brentwood, PA, 5-star receiver-5.4 stars safety7.

Toledo Hills High School (Toledon Hills, PA), 5-stars linebacker-2 stars safety8.

New Haven High School and College, CT-5-stars defensive end/safety-5 3-star players9.

Marlboro Hills High, MD-5 players-4 stars wide receivers10.

Rochester School, NY-5th-round prospect11.

St. Francis High School & College, Rochester, NY -4 stars tight end12.

Dartmouth College, MA-5 defensive end13.

Hampshire-Mifflin High School(Hampster, NY), 5 star wide receiver14.

Woodland High School in Northampton, MA -4 star tight end15.

Stearns High School of Technology, Manchester, MA16.

Westwood High School at the Ridge, New Jersey-5 1/2 stars wideout17.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ-4.5 stars tight ends18.

Hudson Valley High School on Long Island, NY19.

Piscataway High School -Newark, NJ -4.6 stars wideouts20.

Duke University-Newark Campus, New York-5 4-stars tight ends21.

Troy High School near Nashville, TN-5 7-stars wide receiver22.

Westport High School for the Arts, Rockland, NY23.

Westmoreland High and Western College in Middletown, MA24.

Newport News High School District, Newport News, VA-5 5- stars defensive end25.

Stuart High School/Millsbury, NY26.

North Central High School , Wilmington, DE-5 6-stars running back27.

Mount Vernon High School,, Mount Vernon, NY28.

Stuarts School for Boys and Girls, Mt.

Vernon, RI29.

Northampton School, Newington, CT30.

Lakeland High Schools, Lakeland, FL-5 wide receivers31.

St John’s School, St. John, NJ32.

Haverford College-Northampton, NH-5 running back33.

Northwest Charter Academy, Evanston, IL-5 linebackers34.

Macon School, Mesquite, TX-5 quarterback35.

South Bend Middle School, South Bend, IN-5 tight ends36.

St Augustine High School North, Pensacola, FL37.

Winthrop Academy, Westbury, CT38.

Raleigh Academy, Durham, NC-5 receivers39.

Lane High School South, Dallas, TX40.

Wright Park High School Near Litchfield, NY41.

Bridgewater Academy, New Haven, CT42.

Leesburg School, Bridgwater, NH43.

Cameron School, Columbia, SC-5 safeties44.

Mountain View High School School, Mountain View, CA45.

Lakeview School, Lakeview, CA46.

South Bay High School Academy, San Bernardino, CA47.

Gardner-Webb Academy, Pasadena, CA48.

Rancho Santa Margarita High School Rancho Santa Maria, CA49.

Tucson Community College-Pico Rivera, CA-4 1/3 stars defensive tackle50.

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS-5 tackles-5 2-stars receivers-5 10-stars receiver51.

Lake County High School Center, Lecanto, CA52.

Northshore High School Central, Lake Elsinore, CA53.

Boulder High School Middle, Boulder, CO54.

Southwest Community College in Houston, TX55.

Wyoming State University-Fresno, AZ56.

Gastonia High School Community, Gastonia