How to save your high school football team

Germantown High School football players are preparing for the next generation, and some are getting their first look at their peers from a different angle.

The school’s first high school team will debut in January.

The team will be led by former Germanton High School coach Dave St. John, who spent 13 seasons with the school and is now an assistant coach at the University of New Hampshire.

He said the first team will feature players who have been through the school’s high school, high school program and now the NFL, so the players will be familiar with the league and its coaches.

“This team is going to be a little different, a little bit more unique to what we’ve seen in the past,” St. Johns said.

“We’ve been in the NFL for seven years now, and there are some guys that are new to it.”

I’m going to take the guys that have been there, they’ve had some success.

They’ve been around the game a little while, they know how to win, so they’re ready for the NFL.

“That’s really what I’m excited about, to have a team that has the potential to win a game and to get a chance to play in the big leagues.”

The Germantons first team begins practices at 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

The players will take a break from practice at 3 p.b.m., before going back to work at 4:30 p.c.

The team’s goal is to earn a spot on the preseason All-American team.

The school hopes to have some players on the team by mid-January.

“If they’re good enough, they’re going to get into the league, and if they’re not, they’ll be able to play somewhere else,” St John said.

The players will work with the Germantones coaches, and will work out on a weekly basis.

The coach said he hopes to see players on their own at Germantont High School.

“It’s going to really be a family-like environment,” St Johns said of the team.

“It’s just going to start with the kids, and then I think the rest of the staff will get involved and start to get some feedback on it.”

The team will have two coaches in the starting lineup, with St. Johnston and offensive coordinator Rob Bellis handling the passing game and receivers and quarterback Aaron Smith handling the running game.

Players will also be expected to make their own personal connections during the training camp.

The Germants plan to use a combination of video and live action to show players how to prepare for the upcoming season, St Johns added.