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Wakefield, Georgia (AP) — A group of high school students will make their way to Wakefield High School to meet with President-elect Donald Trump and other high school leaders on Tuesday to talk about the challenges they face at their high schools and how to help them succeed.

The Wakefield Independent School District is hosting the meeting at Wakefield Senior High School on Tuesday, a day before the school’s graduation ceremony.

In the meeting, students will learn about the new president’s commitment to the community, the importance of a safe environment, and what they can do to support their peers.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. and will conclude at 10 a.m., with a presentation by Wakefield police chief Brian Jones.

The group will then have time to share their concerns with the president-elect.

At least 40 students from Wakefield and other schools in the Wakefield area will attend, according to the district’s website.

More than 400 Wakefield students were suspended for a month in August when students staged a walkout after the district reported a rash of truancy, a school district spokeswoman said.

Trump has vowed to help schools get back on track and to help students stay in school, a theme he’s used in the wake of the deadly shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, last month.

The group of about 40 Wakefield high-school students will meet with Trump at Wakefields headquarters at 1:15 p.n.m, the district said.