The truth behind the ‘Skyview High School’ logo

More than 80 per cent of school children in Roosevelt High School are on the same track as the skyview logo, which was created by artist Rovio Entertainment.

Rovio said it was “inspired by the school and the students that make up our students”.

“It’s a symbol of school spirit, of achievement, and pride for our students,” the company said.

“We’re very proud of it and we’re always going to be proud of the students.”

Roosevelt High School’s students have made a name for themselves on the track, and have taken part in the competition to create the logo for the school.

Rowan’s school student team won the competition.

“It was very much an expression of the love of Roosevelt, of the school, the students, and the alumni,” Mr Rowe said.

Rochelle’s school team also won the contest, and is one of more than 60 schools across the country that have taken up the Skyview project.

Roughly a quarter of Roosters students are students of other schools, and their work has been featured in the ABC’s award-winning documentary Skyview.

Students at Roosevelt High and Rochelle’s schools were told they had won a $5,000 prize, but only after being inundated with thousands of submissions.

Students have now been given the chance to submit their own artwork.

“The winning entries will be used to create a new logo and a new version of the rooster,” said.

Aerial shots of the winning design will be featured in Skyview, which is slated to be released on February 12.

The Roosty logo was created in the school’s computer lab and later incorporated into a school project.

“Skyview has been a real pleasure to work on and I’m excited about the opportunity to work with some of our fellow Roosties to create an award-nominated logo for our schools,” Mr Roviosaid.

“This will be a huge honour for our school, and for the Roostie community.”

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