How to win a national title in the Peach State

AUSTIN, Texas — You’ve got to go far beyond just your talent and drive to make it to the championship game.

You have to be able to overcome all the adversity and just get through it.

The last two years, we’ve had a lot of adversity.

The adversity that we have is we’ve been playing on an NCAA tournament team and not going to the tournament.

But, it’s something we’ve just got to stay with.

It’s been tough to get past the adversity, but I think the people in this room are just giving me the best chance I have right now to be a part of this team and be able in the moment to just take it one game at a time and not worry about what happens.

The challenge is we have to have the mental toughness to just keep going and just keep playing and be confident that if we don’t win this game, we’re not going anywhere.

You just have to keep going.

You’ve got guys like Austin Nichols, Josh Brown, Devin Brown, Nick Anderson, Chris Owens, and Zach Johnson who have been in the league for a long time and they’ve done it all and they’re just going to have to carry this team through and just be confident and stay positive.