Which school will have the best new rugby league player?

The Australian Rugby League (ARL) will look to the new year to build on a stellar 2016-17 season that saw the ARL’s top four sides all score at least 200 points.

While the number of players available in 2017-18 will remain the same, the ARLC will look at the number and type of players they are interested in adding to their rosters.

One of the key factors will be the number that are available to sign, and how quickly they are available.

ARL chief executive David Gallop said the ARLL had been impressed by the number-one-ranked side Stratford, which made it into the ARRL Super League this year.

“Stratford has proven to be a very competitive team, and it has made it to the Super League,” Gallop told the ABC.

“The fact that they have got the most players available and the ability to make the best of it is very encouraging.”

Stratford made the top four of the NRL this year, with the club winning the Sydney-based competition on the back of a strong season in which it finished with the best win percentage (82 per cent) in the competition.

Stratford coach Nathan Walker said he was looking forward to making the grade.

“This is a big opportunity, and a real chance to make history for Stratford and set a new benchmark for the next five years,” he said.

“We have the players to back us up.”

One of Stratford’s players to make an appearance is Jack Pardy, who played for the St George Illawarra Dragons for two seasons.

“Jack’s experience, his ability to win games and the fact that he has a lot of good mates, he is going to be great for us,” Walker said.

Walker said it was not just about the young players who would be playing.

“It’s about putting in a good effort, getting to the next level, building your confidence and getting your footy in the game,” he added.

Walker’s club also had a strong showing in the NRL Super League, as the Dragons won the competition on a run of three straight wins.

Walker added Stratford was a team he wanted to work with.

“I’d love to work in a similar way to the way the St Georges do and with some of the same philosophies,” Walker told the BBC.

The ARL will also be looking to add to the depth of the Sydney club. “

But we’ll see how it goes.”

The ARL will also be looking to add to the depth of the Sydney club.

The Sydney Roosters have made a strong start to the season, winning their first seven games and finishing the season with the league’s top-four ranking.

“If the Sydney Rooster want to be the best club in the Super Rugby, then they’ve got to bring their A-game,” Walker added.