Which anime show will be the next to premiere in India?

The Indian government is expected to decide on the upcoming anime adaptation of the Hunter High School series at the end of March.

The production team is working on an anime adaptation that will have a story in the same vein of the first Hunter High school anime, Hunter × Hunter.

The new anime will have the same premise as the first anime but will be a bit more realistic.

The story will focus on a high school student named Hunter who is having trouble adjusting to school life.

This anime will be produced by Shueisha and Viz Media and it is expected that it will premiere in March.

Hunter × Hunters manga has been serialized in Shueisho for almost 20 years.

It is considered one of the top anime in the Hunter ×Hunter universe and is based on the Hunter x Hunter novels by Masashi Kishimoto.

The series is also one of Shueiwa’s best-selling manga.