Lincoln High School’s ‘Taste of Home’ is a ‘Great Place to Grow Up’

Lincoln High’s ‘Sassy and Free’ is now a national phenomenon, according to its alumni.

The school’s mascot, the dog, is now the most popular student mascot in the school’s history.

The mascot is a Labrador retriever named Sassy and he is known for his ‘Tastes of Home’.

“It’s been so wonderful to see how people around the country and around the world are loving Sassy,” said Lincoln Principal, Scott Tully.

Sassy was born on September 17, 2018 and was named after the famous ‘Sally Ride’ episode from the ABC’s hit TV show, The Office.

Sissy is a loyal student, Tully said.

“She’s always there, always on your side.”

Sissy’s first name is a reference to the show’s character, Sally Ride, and her first name, Taz, is a portmanteau of ‘taz’, which means ‘tear’, and ‘ride’, which was the name of a character in the TV series.

Sasha, a second-year student, has also made a name for herself as a student of Lincoln.

Sassie was named a student mascot after graduating from Lincoln High and was part of a group of students that took over the school mascot’s costume.

“We are proud to call her Sasha,” Tully explained.

“That’s how she’s always been known.”

Sassy has also become a local icon and was featured on local TV news shows and newspapers around the state.

“The school has done an amazing job of finding her a home,” Tull said.SASSAY’S STORY: Sassy’s StoryThe Lincoln High mascot was born in September 2018, and has been named after one of the most iconic television shows in American history.

Sassy was a popular student, and the school decided to bring her into the community to help foster a positive and inclusive environment.

“When Sasha first started, she was just one of many students who were just looking for a place to play and to have fun,” Tilly said.

“But over the past year she has developed into a strong and respected member of the community.”

Sashe is a former cheerleader at Lincoln High, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in English.

She has taken a leadership role in the local LGBTQ community, and is now working towards a degree in sociology and community development.

“She’s really a role model,” Tuck said.

She has been an inspiration to other students at Lincoln and in the community.

“We’ve all learned from her and are proud of her,” TULL said.

On her first day at Lincoln, Sasha visited with students who had gone through a similar transition and helped teach them about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Sashea is now one of three students in the Lincoln High marching band and is currently performing on her own.

“It’s an honor to be in the band with Sasha,” said Tuck.

“It makes us feel so happy to be part of the Lincoln community and we know we can do so much more together,” T Sullivan said.

Tasha and Sasha will soon be taking part in a graduation ceremony in Lincoln.